Top 10 Carry On Essentials!

Hey guys here are my top 10 carry on essentials! Every time I travel these are always the things I take with me. I’m not sure how i’d travel without these things! I hope you enjoy 🙂

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1. Mophie Powerstation in White $69.95

This is one of the most important things! I always use this whenever my phone or iPad is running out of battery. Some airplanes have outlets but others don’t so I always bring this just in case. It definitely comes in handy sometimes. It is also helpful in the airport if all the outlets near you are taken.

2. iPad with Netflix

This is literally my life on airplanes. I spend the majority of my flight watching TV shows or movies I downloaded on Netflix. Since this feature just came out not to long ago, this just became an essential but it is definitely something that needs to be included. On my last flight I watched Law & Order. Not all shows or movies can be downloaded, but i’m sure you can find something to watch.

3. Chapstick

I always have this with me. My lips get chapped so easily and I always like to have it with me when i’m flying. I find my lips just get really dry but flying and chapstick is always handy. It’s small so it’s pretty convenient.

4. Water Bottle

I always have a water bottle with me because I drink a lot of water. I always buy a water bottle before I board the plane so I have it with me. I don’t like getting the cup of water from the flight attendants because it’s too small and I don’t want to worry about spilling it. A water bottle is convenient because you can just put it back in your bag when you’re done.

5. Beats Solo Headphones

I always bring headphones to either listen to music or to watch something on my iPad. Obviously people don’t want to hear the noise, so these are very important. I like these because it blocks out all the other noise as well.

6. A Book

I always have a book with me because if I get tired of staring at electronics I turn to this. I also read whenever the plane is taking off or landing because electronics aren’t allowed out at that time. This is helpful whenever electronics aren’t allowed or you just want a change. (I really like this book right now btw!)

7. Gum

If you aren’t used to flying, I would recommend this because my ears seem to pop quite often on flights. It doesn’t bother me a ton and some people it can hurt a lot more. Gum always helps me so I would always bring this just in case.

8. Simple Micellar Wipes (Or any makeup wipes)

I like to have these just to wipe off my face during or after a flight because I usually just feel gross and dirty especially after flying for a long period of time. This just helps you feel a lot more refreshed after.

9. Earbuds

I also bring these along with headphones because in case you want to share with someone, like if you were watching a show or a movie together these are essential. If someone is talking to you then these are better than headphones.

10. Mophie Juicepack in Rose Gold $99.95

I like to bring this as well because this charges just my phone and I can keep my other charger strictly for my iPad. This is helpful to have two chargers so I don’t have to worry about my chargers running out as well.

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