Top 5 Favorite Summer Shoes

Hey guys I love shoes and I have been really loving all five of these shoes lately especially for summer so I thought I’d share them with you. Enjoy 🙂

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1. Birkenstock Mayari Birkibec Stone Sandals $94.95

This specific color is not available anymore on the Birkenstock website so I had to find this color on a different website. It was hard to find them but I ended up getting one of the last two on DSW. If I can find them somewhere else i’ll link them here but if not i’ll just link the page for the mayari sandals.

Anyways, I couldn’t believe how comfortable these shoes are. I have been wearing them nonstop and I love them. Although they are expensive, I think it’s definitely worth it. I think they are my new favorite shoes.

2. Black American Eagle Strappy Sandals $20.97 (similar)

(I got these last year and I couldn’t find them so I linked the closest pair I could find to them.)

I like these shoes a lot because they have a lot of support and they are very comfortable. I like the zipper and the adjustable straps as well. I wear these whenever I am going to do a lot of walking.  I love these!

3. Target Brown Sandals $19.99

I just recently got these but I love them! They are pretty cheap and they’re actually really comfortable also. I really like the strap on the back as well. These are definitely worth the money.

4. Forever 21 White and Gold Sandals $17.90 (similar)

I really like the color of these shoes because they match with almost everything. They are also really comfortable. I couldn’t find these or anything too similar because these are a couple years old.

5. Kohls Tan Strappy Sandals $24.99 (closest I could find)

I really like these sandals as well because they are a very neutral color and you can wear them with almost every outfit. I always bring these on vacation because I can wear them so much. They are so comfortable so I can wear them if i’m walking a lot.



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