Universal Studios Florida Resort Review

Hey guys! I recently went to Universal for vacation and LOVED it! So I wanted to do a review of the hotel we stayed in and all of the theme parks. I would definitely go back it was amazing.

The Hotel

We stayed in the newest hotel which is called Loews Sapphire Falls and it was so cool! It was so so nice and the caribbean theme was really neat. I would definitely recommend this hotel. The rooms can be a little small (we got one with two queen beds) but we were hardly in the room it didn’t matter too much. All the furniture and decor in the hotel was really nice and the pool was nice also. One of the things we used a lot was the water taxi that comes right up to the hotel and it takes you to the two theme parks and the CityWalk. We had to take the bus to the waterpark because the water taxi didn’t go there. All of the transportation there was free so that was really nice also.

Universal Studios Florida

The first theme park we went to is this one and they had so many cool rides! The 3D and 4D rides were the coolest and I never expected them to be so realistic. We didn’t get to do all of the rides because some of the waits were really long and it was extremely hot but the ones we did ride I loved. The first one we did was the Shrek 4D and it was so cool how the chairs moved and it felt like the things were actually really close to you. The next ride we went on was Revenge of the Mummy and this one was so cool! We also did the Men In Black Alien Attack and this was really cool because it was interactive and you actually had a gun and had to shoot the aliens on the ride. If you’re into extreme roller coasters, I would suggest the Hollywood Rip Ride Rock It. You got to pick from a list of songs you wanted to listen to during the ride and it was pretty cool! My favorite ride we did was The Simpsons ride. It was so cool how realistic it was and it really felt like you were actually riding the roller coaster instead of watching it. If you’re going to go there for one ride, this one should be it. I really liked this park and they had a lot of cool 3D rides!

Islands of Adventure

The next day we went to this park and I liked this one a little better than the first one. The first ride we rode was the Incredible Hulk roller coaster and it was so cool! I loved the beginning when you go through a black tube. I would recommend this for anyone who loves intense roller coasters. Two more 3D rides we did were The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman and Skull Island and these were almost as good as the Simpsons ride they were so realistic! We also did the Dragon Challenge roller coaster which was cool and we did the Doctor Doom’s Fearfall which was fun to see the park from so high up but I was hoping it lasted a little longer. Overall, this park was very cool also!

Volcano Bay

This was by far my favorite thing to do in the whole resort. This waterpark just opened on May 27 and it was amazing. There was so much to do and I never got bored at all. The TapuTapu was probably one of the best things they could’ve done it was so nice to do have to wait in line. Basically it’s like a virtual line and it tells you how much time is left. We almost did every ride in the park but we ran out of time and didn’t get time to do one of them. The aqua coaster was really fun and my favorite was the Ko’okiri Body Plunge. That slide started by where it pulled the floor out from under you and it was a 125 foot drop almost straight down. Overall, I loved this park a lot!


This place was so cool! They had so many different restaurants and stores and even a movie theater. I would highly recommend the NBC Sports Brew. It was delicious. It was really cool lit up at night and there was a lot to do there when you wanted a break from the park. It is right by the water taxi pick up and the bus pick up as well.


1. Get the Express Lane pass. It’s worth it to get this so you have time to ride everything in one day. An express lane is cheaper than another day ticket.

2. If you’re coming for multiple days, stay in an on-site resort. It’s worth it and there’s better deals when bundling. It’s much more convenient as well.

3. If you’re looking to ride several rides at Volcano Bay, plan to go multiple days. It’s almost impossible to do everything in a day.

4. Prepare to spend a lot of money on top of the ticket. I know it’s obvious but everything there is so expensive so save extra money for things such as food, entertainment, etc.

5. Download the Universal app. It was so helpful to look at the wait times and to see where everything was at.

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  2. Looks like you had a total blast! I used to love Islands Of Adventure, but now I can’t ride anything! Haha

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    1. I did it was so much fun!

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