Breanna and I Swapped Our Summer Makeup Favorites!

Hey guys! I’m Breanna Raine from I’m a lifestyle blogger, admin assistant, devoted dog mom, and an avid supporter of all things 90s. First of all, thank you all for stopping by! I can’t wait to share my summer beauty must-haves with you!

Today I’m going to talk about the products I love for this summer. Summer is a hard season for makeup for me. I live in the desert where dry heat dominates all. It’s hard to make sure you always look your best when the sun seems to have it out for you. For this reason, I tend to keep my summer makeup light and breathable. I implement a LOT of moisturizing products on the daily and touch ups are a girl’s best friend.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the list! Here are the summer beauty products I swear by!

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First Aid Beauty: Ultra Repair Cream

  • Ultra Repair Cream Intense Repair | link

So, I have combination skin with minimal irritation. While I’m lucky that I don’t regularly break out, I do sometimes have issues with dry patches. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that I live in New Mexico which is notoriously hot and dry. It’s thanks to the weather and these dry patches that I had to get serious about skin hydration. I turned to my friendly makeup junkie peers and set out to find my holy grail.

This is it, you guys. This is the miracle product that regularly brings my skin back to life. First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair cream is a definite must have for all skin types, but especially those on the dryer side. It’s thick and creamy but not oily. It feels so good on your skin and will instantly bring it to life. Unlike some drug store moisturizers I’ve tried, this one doesn’t have that creepy chemical smell, which is a definite plus in my books!

The Crushed Crystal Collection by Colourpop

Okay, so this is a really new collection by Colourpop and I can already tell you that I am HOOKED. I really hope it never goes away. This is the site’s first attempt at liquid highlighters along with priming and setting sprays. I knew I HAD to have something of every color and I personally wasn’t interested in the holographic lip balms. So I chose to go with the Rose Quartz highlighter, and the sprays for Amethyst, Aquamarine, and Aventurine.

  • Amethyst Crystal Priming Spray | link

A soft lavender colored priming spray to help balance and prep the skin before makeup application.” – Colourpop website

This is a mattifying primer, which is great for summer. Mattes are perfect if you’re going to be out in the sun and naturally dewy and glowing. Has a light lavender tint in the bottle, but goes on clear.

  • Aquamarine Crystal Setting Spray | link

A soft aqua colored setting spray to help calm the skin and provide long lasting wear.“- Colourpop website

Provides a nice, dewy finish, which isn’t my favorite for summer time. I feel like I’m naturally dewy (read: sweaty) and prefer mattes for summer. This will, however, come more into play for me late next month when fall starts creeping in! I wanted to include it on this list because I know a lot of you LOVE the summer dew look. Obviously, it does go on clear despite it’s blue-ish tint.

  • Aventurine Crystal Setting Spray | link

A soft mint colored setting spray to help protect the skin and provide long lasting wear.” – Colourpop website

Aventurine is a mattifying setting spray and my new go-to for everyday wear – especially in the summer! It smells so good and goes on clear even though it’s a gorgeous mint color in the bottle.

  • Rose Quartz Crystal Liquid Highlighter | link

A lightweight liquid highlighter loaded with crystals and pearls that give your skin an opalescent, radiant glow.” – Colourpop website

This smells like grapefruit and it’s AMAZING! It’s got a nice pearly glow to it in shades of pink and gold – PERFECT for a summer night out or a day at the beach. It goes on so smooth. My favorite is mixing it with a light foundation for an all over glow during the day and then taking my look into the night by adding some to the cheek bones.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

  • Shape Tape Contour Concealer in Fair Beige| link

This concealer is also a relatively new purchase for me. I got it in May and haven’t been able to put it down since! It’s so creamy and so light – it’s perfect for summer! If you’ve got decent skin, you could even use this as a light foundation and just be on your way. That’s why this product’s made it on to my summer must haves list – I just use it as a light layer of foundation and I’m ready to go!

If your skin’s picky, it’s still one of the best concealers I’ve ever owned. It’s one product that is definitely living up to it’s new cult status. I will be keeping this on hand forever and using it regularly!

Kylie Cosmetics “Kylighter” Highlighter

  • Kylighter in Cotton Candy Cream | link

I have to admit that I buy into all the Kylie Cosmetics madness. Love her or hate her, Girl’s got some pretty good products. While the matte lippies hold the number one spot in my heart, this Kylighter is a solid runner up. I have the color Cotton Candy Cream and it’s a flawless color that goes so well with every outfit and every occasion. The glow from this thing is unreal and it’s super easy to build from a small shine to an all out glitter bomb!

If you are just not into what Miss Jenner’s got to offer by way of highlighter, no problem! Here are a couple others I use regularly and love dearly.

  • theBalm Manizer in Mary-Lou | link
  • Laura Geller New York Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Peach Glow | link

Summer Holy Grail: Baby Lips Lip Balm by Maybelline

Baby Lips. BABY LIPS. When I think about my number one go to beauty product of all time… It’s Baby Lips. Don’t get me wrong, other brands of lip balm are great and dandy (remind me to show you my EOS collection sometime), Baby Lips just goes above and beyond. This lip balm goes on so smooth and lasts forever. My lips are the softest they’ve ever been and that’s truly saying something. Like I said, I live in a super dry state and my lips have suffered.

Lips are so sensitive and it’s super important to take good care of them. I will recommend Baby Lips to every single person I meet until the day I die. Here’s just a few of my favorites:

  • Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm in Quenched | link

This, to me, is the OG Baby Lips. It goes on clear and doesn’t have a set scent, but it’s also not gross beeswax flavored like some other unscented balms. I wear this one to bed so that my lips can breathe without tint or flavor. I also use this one if I plan on putting on lipstick later and just need a hydration pick me up.

  • Dr. Rescue Baby Lips Lip Balm in Coral Crave | link

My usual every day flavor is pink lemonade, but for the summer, I trade that in for this Coral Crave balm. It’s from the Dr. Rescue line. This particular line is medicated with a touch of eucalyptus and a bit of menthol. This line comes in more natural colored tints and I definitely recommend it for anyone with chapped or excessively dry lips. Or even just anyone who lives in dryer climates, like me, and wants to cover their lip-need bases.

  • Baby Lips Glow Balm in My Pink | link

This balm is one of the coolest things I own! So the glow balm is the Baby Lips we know and love, only the color is something magic. My Pink is a Ph color changing lip balm that automatically adjusts to the perfect shade of pink for you! It truly is amazing and the color is unbeatable. I had my sister try it on as well and our colors were so different but complimented us both so well. If you’re looking for hydration with that trademark “YOU” color – you cannot go wrong with this version of Baby Lips.

I’m not going to talk about the million other flavors and styles I adore, but I will list them below so you can shop around!

  • Baby Lips Crystal Lip Balm in Pink Quartz | link
  • Baby Lips Balm Electro in Pink Shock | link

That is all I have for you today, guys! Let me know down in the comments which of these products you’re going to try and what your number one, ultimate, summer beauty must have is!

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