Create 365 Happy Planner Review

Hey guys! So I recently went to Staples and I was looking at all the planners because I love anything stationary and I saw these planners and decided to take a closer look at them. I couldn’t believe how cute they were!! I immediately fell in love and decided to buy one. They are a pretty popular, ‘tumblr’ brand so I wanted to give you guys a review to tell you my opinion if it’s worth the money. (It is a little pricy)

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I got the classic size because I thought the bigger size was a little too big for me. But anyways, I think the cover is so cute!! The floral pattern will be perfect for pictures and I definitely think the cuter the planner, the more motivated you are to use it!

Before every month, there’s a page where you write just random things like goals, what you’ve been loving lately, and people’s birthdays and I think it’s really cool to look back on those things to see what was happening that month in your life.

As for the whole month overview, it’s pretty much like every other planner, I like to write my what blog posts I’m going to publish what day so I can see an overview of that as well. It’s nice to have a notes section to the left to write down anything I may need to as well.

As for the day by day planner, there’s three different sections to each day which I thought was a little weird at first, but I have grown to like it actually! If I have multiple things to do in one day, then I will write each thing in a different box. On the days I upload, I will also write stats about my followers on various social media so I can keep track of that since I don’t have a program that keeps track of that for me. I will also write my blog views just so I have it on paper as well, and not just on WordPress.

Overall, I am so happy with this planner! I love using this to stay organized and it’s so cute so that’s definitely a plus! I couldn’t find my exact planner online for some reason so I will leave some other planners linked below that are also so cute! I love that you can get various add ons and folders and extra pages so I will also link some of my favorites below too!

Marble Classic | link

Floral Classic | link

Floral Large | link


Sticker Pack | link

Sticky Notes | link

Fitness Extension | link

Thanks for reading! Do you have a favorite go to planner? Let me know in the comments below! Follow me on my social media to stay updated!


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  1. Such a cute planner, love it x

    Nev | Miss Nev

    1. I agree! It’s so cute!

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